Sand Art

From time immemorial, it has always been the delight of kids to play with sand. From tasting some sand, to drawing figures on the sand and building sand castles, kids have always had a thing for sand. Even though they may outgrow this stage with time, they joyfully remember it deep down.

The good thing is that you can make this sand play more creative and exciting for your kids. The process of making art form from sand is known as Sand Art. As much as it is fun for your kids, it is also packed-full with many other benefits such as:

· Promoting physical development

· Developing motor skills like holding and gripping

· Building hand-eye coordination

· Creating fun experiences and memories

· Increasing independence

· Unleashing creativity

Below are some ideas that would make sand play more exciting and creative for your kids! It’s time to get those hands dirty!

1. Sand Painting

When you combine two things that kids love, you get to create some explosive fun! Sand painting will allow you combine both color and sand play.

· Get your play sand.

This is different from the builder’s sand. Play sand is less course, much finer and safer for children to play with.

· Paint the play sand

Mix the sand with little edicol vegetable dye. Let your kids use their hands to stir the color through the sand. This can be messy but who cares? – it’s part of the fun! Edicol makes bright colors and can wash out of cloth easily. So let them get their clothes dirty too.

It’s advised to use edicol vegetable dye instead of tempera paint dye because the latter doesn’t mix well with sand.

2. Sand Drawing

Here is another Sand Art to explore! In this art, we are more concerned about the process than the outcome. So don’t forget to take some snapshots! Here’s how to go about sand drawing.

· Get your kids to draw what they like on the sand.

· Fill a sensory tube to a certain depth with sand.

· Now trace-draw what they have drawn on the sand with the content of the tube!

· Alternatively, instead of drawing with their fingers, your kids can just make use of squeeze bottles right away! All they have to do is pour sand in the squeeze bottle and squeeze the sand into the sensory tube making different patterns.

There are a whole lot of things you and your kids can do with these sensory tubes. Break down the barriers and explore!


I’m pretty sure you would want your kids to try this out. It’s amazing what great things our natural environment can offer kids!

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