Four steps to make cute bead bracelets.

Making cute bead bracelets is an interesting process because you get to choose the types of beads you want, how the bracelets look like and the number of bracelets you want. Elastic bracelets are versatile, they have been in the market for long and they are not going out of fashion any time soon.

Making bracelets is a thrilling activity for those who like to accessorise with simple jewels.

Make sure you have all the right beads and charms before you begin making your own jewellery. They should be the quality and quantity you desire.

Other raw materials include: elastic cording, charms, scissors and glue.

Choosing an Elastic cord

Choose a cord that’s made of elastic and supposed to be used for jewellery making which will complement the type of beads you will use. Clear elastic cords may be ideal in most cases but will be noticeable when using dark coloured beads.

Most used chords for jewellery are .7mm and 1mm but this largely depends on the size of holes in the beads as well as the weight of the beads.

Cutting the cord to wrist size

Using your wrist as a guide, cut the cord so that you end up with a piece that’s somewhere around the length of the bracelet with at at least 3 inches extra on either side. You’ll want to stretch  your cord before you begin stringing. This will enable the bracelet to stay the proper size and not stretch some more to leave gaps.

After you finish stretching the cord, tie one end into a knot. Secure the knot with glue and let it dry completely.

Stringing the beads

Begin stringing the beads one by one. The bigger the beads, the less you’ll need to make a bracelet. About halfway through, you can add a charm. You can add more according to your preference. Finish adding the beads.

Securing the end

Secure the end by tying it into a double or triple knot. Add a little bit of glue and allow it to dry. Trim the extra-long elastic cords. Covering the knot not only makes the whole thing look cleaner, it also will help prevent the knot itself from wearing by the rubbing that maybe happen from being between beads.

It’s advisable not to stretch your bracelet whenever you put it on. This will reduce its durability. Roll it gently over your hand. Keep the bracelet away from salt water, soap and skin products as this reduces the quality of the elastic cord.

You can make some bead bracelets for your friends or family members or sell them and earn a little extra income. Bead bracelets are here to stay.

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