Ways to jazz up your old converse shoes

You may have very old, plain or faded converse shoes that you want to get rid of, don’t. You can use a few simple tricks to spruce up the look of your converse shoes and make them look designer and brand new in a few minutes.


Begin by taping the edges of the converse.

Mix silver glitter and Mod Podge in a small plastic cup or container.

Stir the mixture with a paintbrush. Make sure the mixture is thick but not pasty. Apply a layer of the mixture on the converse shoes. Allow the shoe to dry for 15 minutes. Apply another layer on the white spaces that may be visible. Allow it to dry.

Remove the tape. Your shoes will glitter in the sunlight. They will also compliment whichever outfit you choose to wear, whether casual or sophisticated and classy.


If you can’t go a day without wearing converse shoes and you want to brighten a plain pair, buy some studs and glue them on. Buy about 40 studs per shoe and E6000 glue. Choose the colour of studs you want. Find a well ventilated room or go outdoors for this work. Glue the studs on your shoes, working from the bottom to the top. Allow the shoes to dry for 24 hours.

Add colourful buttons.

Find very colourful buttons and sew them in a random manner through the fabric of your converse shoes.

Paint your plain converse shoes

Paint your converse shoes to brighten and liven them. The converse shoes can be coloured with markers, paints or fabric dyes.

To use paint, first take out the shoe laces and cover the rubber parts of your converse with masking tape.

Sketch the design you desire on the converse with a pencil. You can choose to do simpler designs like flowers, stripes or stars.

Fill the design with paint primer if you want to use acrylic paint. The primer will make the colours more visible and long lasting.

Colour in the design.

Wait for the paint to dry then do the outlines of the design with a thin brush.

Spray the shoe with a waterproofing spray

Remove the masking tape and you have very colourful and vibrant shoes.

Replace shoe laces with cute ribbons.

Use big colourful or fancy ribbons on black converse shoes and you have yourself a new look.

Write lyrics and logos of your favourite bands and musicians

Use black permanent markers to write lyrics of your favourite songs on the surface of your sneakers. You can use different fonts and colours to brighten them up.

Embroider the shoes

Stitch your favourite patterns and shapes that you want. You will need pearl cotton thread, a chenille needle and a pair of needle noise pliers so you don’t hurt your fingertips in the process.

You can always customise your converse to make them look exactly the way you want them to. Use glitter, embroidery and gemstones to bring out your fashion preferences through unique DIY designs.

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